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773 LMS Feature Request Low [MS] Verify client side the entered email is correct w... New 0% Guillaume
767 LMS Feature Request Low [Installer Launcher] Removal of the browser inside the ... New 0% Ferdinand
763 LMS Bug Report Low JSONUtils remove space char New 0% Ferdinand
762 LMS Bug Report Low [WTK] It seems the there is a call to notifyDisconnecti... New 0% Guillaume
760 LMS Bug Report Low applications gray in but systray is green New 0% Ferdinand
758 LMS Feature Request Low [community] add user_id in message New 0% Ferdinand
746 LMS Bug Report Low [MS] Lobeo does not work on IE 8 New 0% Guillaume
745 LMS Feature Request Low [MS] Handle better the errors (ex: trying to connect a ... New 0% Guillaume
740 LMS Bug Report Low [Wiki] to be ch... New 0% Guillaume
680 LMS Bug Report Low Lob is broken when starting without internet New 0%
678 LMS Bug Report Low [MS] When accessing the MS via HTTP, the domaine should... New 0% Guillaume
624 LMS Bug Report Low [MS] The mssignout is called before the signin. Is it n... New 0% Guillaume
621 LMS Bug Report Low change exception in Property.setValue New 0% Ferdinand
619 LMS Bug Report Low Replace by in the LOB New 0% Ferdinand, +1
616 LMS Feature Request Low [MS] Have an option to keep user signed in forever New 0% Ferdinand
615 LMS Bug Report Low [Core] Stopping the Lob when launching will leave as st... New 0% Ferdinand
614 LMS Bug Report Low [HttpServer] War using imported classes not declared in... New 0% Ferdinand
612 LMS Bug Report Low UPnP overwrites a previous rules without checking if a ... New 0% Ferdinand
595 LMS Feature Request Low [Lobby] Create a Json web service to get/set script par... New 0% Ferdinand
592 LMS Feature Request Low [Lobby] update the container page New 0% Guillaume
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